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The author I have chosen to use to write about is Laura Kipnis and her essay: Love’s Labors. For this Capstone Essay I have chosen to write about Divorce rates, and how they have been increasing over the years. Divorce can come about in many different ways, each unique in the reason of interest/motivation to get a divorce. Kipnis speaks entirely to an audience ripe for divorce; adulterers, fantasizers, the side chick/guy, or even the suspicious spouse. The reasons of increased divorce vary depending on the period of time that you are looking at, or the situation in which the divorce is taking place.
Due to the increased rates of divorce it seems even the states themselves at one point took recognition, and tried to take action. They have taken it upon themselves to try and better the divorce rate. How? They have created something they call “Covenant Marriage”. It was founded in Dallas, Texas, by Phil and Cindy Waugh, a Baptist minister and his church-worker wife, in 1999. Covenant Marriage is a legally distinct kind of marriage, in which the marrying couple agrees to obtain pre-marital counseling and accept more limited grounds for divorce. This moves more towards the past, specifically back towards the “At-Fault Divorce” era (pre 1969). Covenant marriage is supposed to limit divorce through education and planning. It is said that pre-marital counseling and those who take the time to get educated before they are wed are statistically better off in terms of divorce. At the time of its invention covenant marriage took off, looking to be a possible solution to not only contribute to the lowering of the increase in divorces but possibly eliminate them all together. “This however is just a reaction to the past 50 years of increasing divorce, and unmarried births” says Steven Nock. Nock was also quoted as saying “At the moment, covenant marriage appeals to a small

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