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Before I entered college, I already had an idea of what I want to study and pursue in my future. In Middle school, I found Math and Geometry incredibly enjoyable, and I was always good at solving various quantitative problems. In High School I took my first economics class, and I could not find anything more interesting and engaging than this subject. Enjoying quantitative courses in school and having many family members working in the business field, I made a decision to pursue my higher education in economics and business and I could not see myself in any other field. At Cornell, Economics and Business Department offers a variety of majors with different concentrations. My deep interest in Business Analytics arose after I took my first …show more content…

Through my coursework at Cornell, I have developed a thorough understanding of how businesses operate and have strengthened my analytical and quantitative skills. In Financial Accounting, I have studied how to understand and analyze financial statements such as Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings, and Statement of Cash Flow. Besides theoretical knowledge of basic accounting, I have strengthened and practiced my understanding of the entire accounting cycle through a Capsim Simulation project. For this project, the class was divided into groups, and each group owned a fictional company of a similar product. We had to compete with each other for market share and profit. This project allowed me to learn about profit-maximizing strategies and how to create and interpret financial statements for better business decisions. If I get selected for the internship at Teacher Created Materials, I will have an opportunity to practice my skills and knowledge about accounting and financial analysis through projects related to Account Payable and Account Receivable transactions (for instance, receiving and sending invoices and checks to vendors) or General Ledger operations (for instance, analyzing the effect of debit and credit transactions on the company’s assets and

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they had an idea of what they wanted to study and pursue in college. they decided to pursue their higher education in economics and business after taking their first statistics class.
  • Describes how they have developed a thorough understanding of how businesses operate and have strengthened their analytical and quantitative skills.
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