Capitalist Market

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Is a capitalist market in everybody’s interest? Even though a for-profit economy has been adopted in much of today’s world, there are people against it. Can we improve the economic organization? What is capitalist market? It is a market where production is made private and is operated for profit. In capitalist market, for-profit economy, the government has little control over country’s market and people are able to do what they want with their own profit. Through capitalism we are offered the most freedom and fairness then any other markets can offer us. Everyone has the right to make his or her own choices. For example we can own land, goods, homes, businesses and go into whatever profession we are pleased. From the past we’ve seen that a for-profit economy has benefits and disadvantages. The benefits are attracting people and the disadvantages are departing them away from this type of economy. One of the benefits of this economy is competition between companies. Should we have competition between companies? I think we should because it helps our economy by having lower prices, more companies to choose from and etc. Who would like to be stuck with only one company to choose from? Probably no one because you can’t get what you want, instead you have to get what you are offered. A competitive economy, such as the capitalist market, gives us free will to manage our money and goods. Competition is a convincing fact so that the capitalist market to be in everyone’s interest, but let’s see if a disadvantage would make the for-profit economy in everybody’s interest! Are there any disadvantages for a capitalist market? Of course there are because no one is perfect so the result of a non-perfect creature would be non-perfect. In c... ... middle of paper ... ...Humans can make more improvements if they are willing to help each other and come to a common agreement. If we are united as a country then things would work out easier then it does now. One way humans can improve the economic organization is to find out the things that are critical and try to come to a common agreement on fixing them. We need ambitious and young people to manage our economy in order to prosper. A young mentality can change the face of that particular economy. We’ve seen through history and present time that the capitalist market can’t satisfy everyone as a result of not being in everybody’s interest. Everything that is not perfect it won’t be able to unite us in an economy. From a for-profit economy everyone should benefit because it is build that way so people can profit from it. Even though we profit from it, is still not in everybody’s interest.
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