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Capitalism at first seems like a beneficial idea that can help to support and drive a society, but upon further inspection, there is a great deal of instability in a Capitalistic society. One of the main outcomes of capitalism is greed. Throughout the recession the rich upper class continued to become astoundingly richer, while the poor lower class became persistently poorer. Moreover, a capitalistic system finds a way to make a profit from anything or from anyone. Alienating workers turning them against each other to focus on the common goal: profit. This is an example of how capitalism estranges employees in the workforce. In this type of capitalistic system employees are forced to compete with one another, therefore, alienating themselves from each other. Which can lead to a feeling of isolation and depression. For example, Carl was a successful business man that served the capitalistic hegemonic society, however, mentally and emotionally the work that he was doing was unfulfilling. Carl said that he would always make decisions based on what he was expected to do; based on what society anticipated of him; this is an example of hegemonic masculinity in everyday life. Eventually, Carl divorced his wife, his kids moved out, and he no longer worked for a successful company. In a capitalist society how does one overcome such alienation? Carl believes the answer lies in mindfulness and self-meditation. Carl argued that an individual should not serve work; should not serve capitalism, but rather that work should serve the individual. He encourages individuals to follow their passion and even to try and monetize their passion, however not all people have a passion that is capable of being monetized. He also argues that individuals shou...

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...e happy. However, Carl argued that now more than ever people are questioning capitalism. It is important to question and critique our current capitalistic system. The current system in place is alienating workers and places too much emphasis on profit and the modes of production. There are extensive problems and repercussions that must be death within a profit-driven society. We should be working towards a system that is driven by what is needed not what is profitable. A profit-driven system can lead to over-accumulation and production of items that are actually not required because of over-production. We need to undergo change in order to construct a form of social and economic life based on production for need, not production for profit. This means that a system must be created that has a focus on democratic planning, worker-self management, and global solidarity.

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