Capital Punishment is Wrong

Max Soffar, whose mental illness left him particularly vulnerable to giving a false confession, stands convicted and sentenced to death for allegedly killing four victims during an armed robbery in a Houston bowling alley (Thorn, par. 2). The court overturned the conviction in 2004 because during his trial, lawyers failed to argue that Soffars confession contradicted the other evidence in the case, and he ended up on death row (Thorn, par. 4). From two unfair trials to a death sentence, the court ruled that the false confession given by Soffar should stand. In addition, his constitutional rights were not violated when his 2006 trial court judge refused to allow him to show that the only correct details in his fake confession were not the result of his involvement in the crime, but instead had been obtained through widely spread media reports (Thorn, par. 3). The problem with Max Soffars case shows the serious failures of the criminal justice system. After 28 years on death row, another man was close to being executed because of a careless ruling. Legally killing a person by going through the judicial system is what Capital Punishment essentially is. Ever since the year 1976, 1,226 executions have taken place in the United States (“Facts,” par. 5). Large amount of criminals, have the possibility of being put on death row depending on the level of extremity of the crime they have committed. Although during convicted times, certain individuals are wrongfully accused and placed on the death row. That is why in the United States, the use of Capital Punishment is wrong and unnecessary therefore, it should be banned. Many advocates of Capital Punishment often will put out that the charges of an innocent life being convicted are lower to... ... middle of paper ... ....” CBS News. Web. 12 July 2009 "Facts About the Death Penalty." Death Penalty Information Center. Web. 29 Nov. 2010. . Frye, Howard. "Albert Brown, Convicted and Condemned 28 Years Ago, Now Scheduled for Execution." Oakland Local [Oakland] 27 Sept. 2010. Print. “Thorn, Justin.” Texas Appeals Court Rejects Appeal Of Innocent Man On Death Row For 28 Years." American Civil Liberties Union. 18 Nov. 2009. Web. . "Virginia Inmate Executed.” Featured Articles fromCNN. 23 July 1997. Web. 02 Dec. 2010. .

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