Capital Punishment in the United States

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Are serial criminals effectively being punished? Indeed much improvement must be done. The death penalty needs to be legal in every state. Capital punishment is the lawful infliction of death as a punishment and has been used in America since 1608. The death penalty has been mainly aimed at murder and rape perpetrators. For the past two hundred years with over 15,600 executions since 1608, most executions were completed though hangings; however, beginning in the 1900s new forms of execution developed. Although the death penalty is said to be more expensive, unethical, racially unfair, and cruel, than life without parole, each is flawed in its assumption. First, the cost of executing a person is far higher than that of giving them life without parole. This is only because of the cost of the endless appeals, making the average time spent on death row eleven years. If the time that an inmate spent in death row was lowered, and only one appeal was allowed, many more criminals sentenced to the death penalty would be executed. Thus, meaning the cost of execution would be far lower than t...

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