Capital Punishment and Life Without Parole

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The first death sentence that has been historically recorded was as far back as 16th century BC. This occurred in Egypt, the wrongdoer was accused of magic and he was then ordered to take his own life. In present day the death penalty has changed drastically. The death penalty has undergone many changes since then. In medieval times the methods used to kill people were inhumane and often times cruel. In modern times the methods to kill people are much more humane. The death penalty has been used less and less often and even outlawed in some states. The death penalty should be used more often and for more crimes. If the death penalty was used more often there would be a deterrence for future crimes, it is more cost effective, and it would make our nation better.
For one thing the death penalty, if used more often, than there would be a higher deterrence for future crime. If there was a deterrent then there would be less new criminals. With less new criminals the crime would slowly dissipate. Current crime rings would also go away if the people in them were taken out of the world. Out of everything there would be a much lower murder count. The death penalty should also be used for more crimes than just murder, more than just violent crimes. White collar criminals should also have the same possibility to face capital punishment. If capital punishment was used on more crimes than just murder then the crime rate would drop significantly. No one would want to get executed for something such as grand theft. As stated by Ernest Van Den Haag in “for the death penalty” “therefore nothing will deter a criminal more than the fear of death… life in prison is less feared (Haag).
Furthermore capital punishment is more cost effective than LWOP (...

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...y rather than the shadow of fear caused by criminals. Capital punishment does not break any constitutional rights or amendments. As well, mistakes will be made with all forms of justice. Implement capital punishment with an iron fist.

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