Capital Punishment: Should it be Legal?

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Capital Punishment: Should it be Legal? After the Timothy McVeigh execution over 80 percent of viewers polled supported the decision the courts made to put McVeigh to death, and even a handful of the people who supported the execution thought it was preformed in a way that was too humane. Some people say that the death penalty is the most effective way to control serious crimes such as murder, while others say that it is extremely unethical and should not be legal in a country as developed as the United States. Some opponents to the death penalty say that putting somebody to death is a less severe punishment then life in prison without parole. Other opponents say that the majority of people that support the death penalty do so because it provides them with a sense of closure. Oftentimes the execution of a human is self-justified in the mind by thinking they deserved to die because they caused somebody else to die. All in all capital punishment is just as criminal as the offenses that the offender has committed. The government is committing first-degree murder by executing people. Capitol punishment is unconstitutional and unfair. There are over two million people in the United States prison system, and about half of those people are black. However blacks only make up 12 percent of the United States population. This implies one of two things, either black people are much more violent then any other race, or that the United States has a justice system that is extremely flawed. It is only reasonable to believe that the courts in the United States have some major flaws, and one of the biggest it that everybody is not treated equally. According to the Constitution of the United States of America “all men are created equal... ... middle of paper ... ...methods of justice. Is life in an 8 by 8 cell with no contact with the outside world ethical? How about 30 days without any contact with any other human beings? I think that most of the punishments that every society has can be questioned for being ethical, whether it is the removal of somebody’s hand for pick pocketing, or being put in a zoo with other animals for speeding. Is there an ethical punishment? There will always be some people out there that think that radical punishment for crime is a good idea. However, the death penalty is not ethical or right. It should be illegal. We teach our children from a young age that just because somebody does wrong on you does not mean that you should do wrong on them. This is exactly what we are doing when we execute somebody. We need to go back to what we learned as children and apply it to our views as adults.
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