Capital Punishment Should Remain Legal

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I am going to argue that capital punishment is a morally and logically justifiable punishment for criminals. I will demonstrate this by showing how the logic behind not having the death penalty is invalid. I will also present examples that will defend my argument. I will then present counterarguments and their implications. The death penalty in the United States is a contested subject, and even recently it has been voted to be unconstitutional by some states. Currently there are many states that still have the death penalty, though many have not executed anyone in recent years. Outside of the United States the issue is also split, with many countries recently eliminating the death penalty. Crimes that usually receive the death penalty as punishment usually involve being directly involved with the death of another person. Though the majority of the United States still is in favor of capital punishment, there exists a large and growing minority that believes that the death penalty is an immoral punishment to use against another human being. The opposition to capital punishment often uses the logic that even though this person has committed a horrible crime that they still deserve the right to life, that it is something that does not have a right to be taken away. This argument is flawed based on the fact that lives are often saved because of the death penalty on a larger scale. Though there is the loss of the criminal’s life when he is executed, if he were to receive a normal punishment and go to prison, he may eventually be able to get out and commit more crimes again. Capital punishment is usually only sentenced when the prosecution feels that the crime is so unjust that there is no other recourse but the death ... ... middle of paper ... effective deterrent to crime as it is meant to be. Some opponents of capital punishment point to the fact that capital punishment is rarely used in comparison to the amount of actual murder convictions. The logic behind this claim seems to be at fault. This is especially noticed when considering that many of the opponents of capital punishment believe life to be the most important thing that one can have, that it is a basic right bestowed to everyone. Logically, wouldn’t threatening to remove the most important thing in somebody’s life serve as deterrence to committing such a crime? This counterargument is shown to be invalid on this basis. After considering counterarguments and presenting my arguments against them I feel I have presented sufficient information to support my claim that capital punishment is a logical and moral practice when used reasonably.
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