Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished

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The world has been a scarier place to live with the increasing crime rates. Tough punishments and financial bail are being implemented to reduce the criminal acts. Capital punishment, or the death penalty is the harshest available government punishment for the big crimes like murder, terrorism, and others. Historically, Capital Punishment has been used in almost every parts of the world. Currently, the large majority of countries have either abolished or discontinued the practice. Several countries like Iraq, Pakistan, North Korea, China, and the USA retain the death penalty in both law and practice. It is legal in thirty-one states and illegal in nineteen states in the United States of America. Capital punishment has always been a debatable issue which has made it a growing concern in America. Different arguments have been made against the death sentence as it is inhumane and creates violence. In addition, critics have claimed that it not only violates human rights, but also is biased and against the Constitution of United States. Capital punishment should be abolished because it does not deter crimes, it is incompatible with human rights, and it is irreversible. Capital punishment should be abolished because it does not deter crimes. People with opposing views claim that the death penalty helps to deter crime rates and makes the nation a safer place to live, but that is not completely accurate. Since many crimes are done in anger, rage, or under the influence of alcohol and drugs, offenders do not think of any consequences of their actions. There is not any credible evidence that the death penalty helps to reduce crimes. Instead, the states with capital punishment, like Texas, have higher murder rates than states wit... ... middle of paper ... ...nce to reopen the case when any new evidence becomes available and bring the real culprit to justice. In addition, millions of dollars can be saved which can be used to solve new cases, prevent other crimes and financially help the sufferers. Deterrence of crime rates with this severe punishment is another major strength of life in prison without parole. Capital punishment has always been a controversial issue. It does not help us live a peaceful life and heal the wounds of victims who have lost their loved ones. Also, we cannot accept the risk of punishing the wrong person. Alternatively, hiring more police officers, training them, raising awareness to be safe, and protecting the people would be the better way to make the nation a safer place to live. The death penalty is morally wrong. We as a civilized people should not choose the practice of killing people.
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