Capital Punishment : It 's Still A Form Of Punishment

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been numerous controversy talk about capital punishment; it’s still a form of punishment in today’s society.[ ] Congress or any state legislature may allow the death penalty (capital punishment) for murder and other capital crimes that they see fit.[9] Also, the U.S. Supreme Court acknowledges that the death penalty is not a violation of your Eighth Amendment 's but defines procedural aspects to be considered by juries when they use the death penalty and how the verdict must be relative to the wrongdoing otherwise, the punishment will violate the Eighth Amendment 's exclusion against cruel and unusual punishments to the offender.[9] Furthermore, Eighth Amendment requires the courts to consider the changing criteria of decency due to the checks and balances of cruel or unusual punishment.[9] Procedures are in place to offset the unjust. When considering ongoing changes of standards of decency, the courts decipher three elements (consideration of the offense 's gravity and the stringency of the penalty; a consideration of how the jurisdiction punishes its other criminals; and a consideration of how other jurisdictions punish the same crime) to demonstrate the transformation and dynamics of a community standards and give individual statistics on the statutes to validate if they are reasonable or not.[9] Death penalty brings on a big debate or whether it’s a valid deterrent measure that fit the crimes or not. Some pros and cons addressed the death penalty and issues at hand. Some pros for the death penalty are that it costs the government (tax payer’s dollars) less to imposed the death penalty as opposed to life imprisonment without parole leading us to take care of their basic neccessity; it prevents and divert crimin... ... middle of paper ... ... the Uses and Abuses of Empirical Evidence in the Death Penalty Debate, John Donahue of Stanford and Justin Wolfers of Wharton annotated that they were still uncertain of the validity of the capital punishment being an effective deterrent or not.[1] Furthermore, there is no supporting evidence that the death penalty has a greater deterrent effect than the alternative of life in prison without release.[6] In reality, the death penalty wastes millions of taxpayer’s dollars that could go toward other programs that can reduce crimes and recidivism in America.[6] Data shows that the death penalty is not an effective deterrent such as comparison with states without the death penalty actually have lower murder rates than those with the death penalty, majority of studies find that the death penalty has no deterrent effect over and above the alternative sentence of life
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