Capital Punishment Is Necessary

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In recent years, there have been approximately 311 inmates exonerated using DNA ("Innocence Project"). The Innocence Project website states statistically 65-75% of those convicted were wrongly accused. It could be argued that some death row inmates are innocent and received an unjust or even unconstitutional trial. It could also be argued that the appellate courts should halt placing inmates on death row until the DNA exoneration has taken effect. If this were possible, what affect would it have on the Criminal Justice System and capital punishment laws within the states, specifically Texas? When sentencing capital punishment for an individual, not only should it be justified, but the individual's guilt should be proven "beyond reasonable doubt." Throughout the history of the Criminal Justice System, capital punishment has been used by the states to punish an individual for a crime. It is best defined as the authorized legal process to execute an individual for certain criminal offenses that he or she has committed. It was believed that capital punishment could be used as a deterrent for future crimes. It also helps exert authority within the communities and law that governs it. In many countries, the level of capital punishment ranged from hangings to electrocution for crimes such as murder, espionage, rape, and etc. Historically, the more severe types of capital punishment include burning, stoning, and dismemberment. As the Criminal Justice System develops, the manner in which criminals who receives harsher sentences including capital punishment has changed drastically. This type of sentencing continues to be a controversial issue because of the act in which an individual may be punished. In the United States Co... ... middle of paper ... ... of their rights. Capital Punishment should be weighed heavily on whether or not the individual was proven guilty. If there is any level of unreasonable doubt, then the possibility for DNA Exoneration should be offered. With this possibility, the Criminal Justice System could be more effective in ensuring that capital punishment continues to be constitutional under the state law that governs it. Capital Punishment is needed and warranted, but the right person must pay for the crime. Works Cited Death Penalty Information Center. 2013. Web. 30 November 2013. Innocence Project of Texas. 2013. Web. 30 November 2013. The Constitution of the United States. New York: New York. (2012): 64-68. Print United States (Texas). Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Death Row Information. Huntsville, TX, 2013. Print.
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