Capital Punishment Is An Appropriate Penalty For Certain Crimes

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What is capital punishment? Historically, capital came from the Latin word capitalis, which means “regarding the head” to be beheaded. Throughout the years, capital punishment has evolved in many ways. People nowadays have been disagreeing about how and when capital punishment is being used. According to Mill, in Utilitarianism, that capital punishment is an appropriate penalty for certain crimes. In this paper, I will be agreeing with Mill about how capital punishment for certain crimes is right and that it is kinder to prisoners than life in prison. In Utilitarianism, Mill states: What comparison can there really be, in point of severity, between consigning a man to the short pang of a rapid death, and immuring him in a living tomb, there to linger out what may be a long life in the hardest and most monotonous toil, without any of its alleviations or rewards--debarred from all pleasant sights and sounds, and cut off from all earthly hope, except as light mitigation of bodily restraint, or a small improvement of diet? Yet even such a lot as this, because there is no one moment at which the suffering is of terrifying intensity, and, above all, because it does not contain the element, so imposing to the imagination, of the unknown, is universally reputed a milder punishment than death--stands in all codes as a mitigation of the capital penalty, and is thankfully accepted as such. (Mill and Sher 66). When Mill says “shot pang of rapid death” he means that (), That’s true because of (). Also when Mill claims that “()”. What correlation can there truly be, in purpose of seriousness, between relegating a man to the short throb of a fast passing, and immuring him in a living tomb, there to wait out what may be a long life in the hardest... ... middle of paper ... ...n or two. Knowing that the murder is still alive, the family begins their grief with murderer because knowing that he/her might come out of prison one day, the family will want to have a revenge on that person because of all the pain the family has been through and preventing it from ever happening again to other families. Another reason why my thesis is true because it is the best answer for the murders. Without any capital punishment, the justice system will make no provision is any response to a crime of a murder, which means that there is no justice for any victims who are murdered. A victim has the right to live. A family of a victim has the right to put the murder On death row. Without any capital punishment, there would be a lot of murders and no one with get their justice. For that reason, death penalty is better for certain crimes and the main one is murder.

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