Capital Punishment For Long Period Of Time

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Capital Punishment for Embezzlers in Indonesia Corruption starts to be main concern of all countries. Transparency International found that from 177 countries, there were no countries that 100% clean of corruption. There are various ways to make people do not want to commit crime, especially corruption. Spending time in prison for couple years, returning all money they take, paying fines, or life imprisonments are common punishment for embezzlers. Some countries such as China, Vietnam, and South Korean use capital punishment as one type of punishment to reduce the chance of doing corruption. Indonesia is one of many countries that legalized capital punishment, but it has never been used for corruption. The government of Indonesia mostly use capital punishment as punishment for terrorist or mass murdered. Embezzlers make citizen in Indonesia suffer for long period of time. They take public funds that supposed to be used in infrastructure and government’s program. The government of Indonesia lose 50% of tax due to corruption based on a survey (Pramudatama). Therefore, capital punishment must be emphasized in order to reduce the level of corruption. This essay will emphasis on level of corruption in Indonesia, advantages of capital punishment, and then propose several solutions, such as making a better justice system, making less expensive capital punishment than life imprisonment, and imitating other countries’ system on capital punishment. Level of corruption in Indonesia is getting higher each year and spreading throughout Indonesia. In 2013, Indonesia’s position on Corruption Perception Index is 114th among 177 counties (RI Improves Ranking On Global Corruption Perception Index). According to Transparency International, Indones... ... middle of paper ... ...23 in 2012 to 116 in 2013 (Transparency International). The third country is South Korea. Former President of South Korean was sentenced to death for corruption, mutiny, and treason (Sugawara). All of these countries do not hesitate to put their citizen, especially officials, into death penalty to minimize the occurrence of corruption. In conclusion, capital punishment should be allowed for embezzlers in Indonesia in order to reduce the level of corruption. Level of corruption in Indonesia increases each year. In fact, there are many benefits that the government of Indonesia can take from capital punishment. The government of Indonesia can make a law to legalize capital punishment for embezzlers. The government of Indonesia can make a less expensive capital punishment than life imprisonment and learn from other countries that already done capital punishment.
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