Capital Punishment Essay

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Capital punishments should not be banned; people believe capital punishment is unconstitutional, that the person on death row actually committed a crime that put them there. There are complaints about the money put out for capital punishment and some think that the death penalty sends the wrong message or that our government is broken. Even though people believe capital punishment should be banned, it should not be banned due to multiple reasons.
In the United States, capital punishment (also known as the death penalty) was first used in colonial times. During the colonial times, people would kill one another without any evidence, just he-said she-said.
After facing many legal challenges in the Supreme Court, in 1972, the Furman v. Georgia case declared capital punishment unconstitutional. The case was ruled unconstitutional, because capital punishment violated the Eighth Amendment, cruel and unusual punishment. During the Furman v. Georgia case, the court took note that there were no objective standards for when capital punishment could be given. Justice Potter Stewart described capital punishment as “cruel and unusual in the same way that being struck by lightning is cruel and unusual.” He meant that capital punishment, itself, is not unconstitutional, but the way it is applied makes it cruel and unusual. The Court reversed its decision in Gregg v. Georgia four years later. Troy Gregg was found guilty of murder and armed robbery. He also was sentenced to death. Troy asked the Court to review the Furman case, and rule capital punishment itself unconstitutional. The Court refused to look over the case. The Court found that Georgia’s system for applying capital punishment was judicious. Gregg had two trials; one to determine guilt...

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...unishment is to prevent the crime from happening again. The parole system currently is a waste of time, it seems as though there are repeating criminals. Prisons across the country face the problem of too many prisoners and not enough space and resources. Each prisoner requires a portion of housing, clothing, food, and other needs. When you eliminate the death penalty, it means that prisoners must be housed for life. It adds to the problem of an overcrowded prison system. Taxpayers pay for the resources and the cost of death. The more criminals in prison for life, the more taxpayers pay every year for each one.
Some think that capital punishment is also closure for the victim’s family, while others believe it just gives sympathy to the accused. Even though, killing the convicted will not bring the victim back it gives the family closure, meaning an eye for an eye.
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