Capital Punishment : A Liberal Society

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Capital Punishment INTRODUCTION Capital Punishment is viewed to many people as inhumane, unnecessary, and over the line. Most people would ask, who is just enough to decide who lives or who dies? This idea comes from being a very liberal society now, where everyone should love anyone and hate should not exist. Sadly this idea is not always what everyone believes, some people believe in getting revenge and embracing the hate that this world has to offer and that is where the concept of capital punishment takes place. Background Capital Punishment first started in the United States in 1608 when George Kendall of Virginia was accused of plotting to betray the British with the Spanish. In 1612 Virginia’s governor, Thomas Dale, implemented many laws that allowed the death penalty to be enacted on crimes such as theft. This happened in 1622 when Daniel Frank was executed for stealing property. Virginia was big on using capital punishment first but not all states implemented these laws, such as New England who in 1636 said crimes punishable by death are pre-meditated murder, sodomy, witchcraft, adultery, idolatry, blasphemy, assault in anger, rape, statutory rape, man stealing, perjury in a capital trial, rebellion, manslaughter, poisoning and bestiality. This is the first time the death penalty was not allowed to be executed on every crime. The change in death penalty started in 1776 when Thomas Jefferson and four others fought the Virginia law on death penalty to be only executed for crimes for treason and murder. Although they lost the vote, by one, others followed these activists in trying to narrow the reasons for the death penalty to be used. In 1793, William Bradford, the Attorney General for Pennsylvania strongly insisted th... ... middle of paper ... ... also had more death penalties then most other states, and also these numbers are before the finding of lethal injection. CONCLUSION There is a definite need for the death penalty, people who kill other people should not be allowed to just get away with what they have done because sympathizers don’t like the idea of killing someone because it cost too much. The great philosophers have said they agree with the death penalty if the penalty fits the crime, but they also believe not every crime should be punishable by death, and that is very true. The two crimes that should be punishable by death would be treason and murder. While the death penalty does cost a bit for upkeep there are other forms of killing that could be enforced to make this cheaper. People don’t deserve to do what they want and get away with it, there will always be consequences for peoples actions.

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