Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment is an unnecessary practice in America that should be abolished. There are many reasons that prove this to be true. It is more expensive to execute a person than to keep them in prison for life. The deaths of innocent people can never be taken back. There is no solid evidence that the death penalty deters crime. Capital punishment is unfair. “That law is a stain on our conscience” (Cuomo 1).
Many people believe that it is better and cheaper for criminals to receive the death penalty so taxpayers don't have to pay for their expensive prison commodities. This is incorrect. “There is a penalty that is...millions of dollars less expensive than the death penalty: true life imprisonment, with no possibility of parole under any circumstances” (Cuomo 3). Death penalty trials are twenty times more expensive than life without parole (LWOP). From charging a criminal all the way to the final sentence, LWOP cases take an average of 526 days while death penalty cases take about 1,902 days. That is almost a difference of four years. Studies have shown that since 1978, the cost of the death penalty in California is over $4 billion. If those on death row were moved to LWOP, California would immediately save $170 million a year.
One major flaw in the death penalty is how many innocent lives are taken. There is no excuse for this. “Yet proponents of the death penalty continue to assume that the criminal justice system will not make a mistake, or they simply don't care” (Cuomo 2). This is entirely wrong. America's justice system will always have imperfections. “There's no such thing as absolute certainty in our law” (Cuomo 2). In the United States, 314 people have been exonerated due to DNA testing. Eighteen of those 314 people we...

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...ive. Justice will be served just as well with LWOP. Capital punishment serves as an unnecessary,

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