Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment has become a very controversial issue in the world. There are different views and opinions on capital punishment. It can be argued that the death penalty is an effective punishment, and necessary. Along with this, it can be argued that executing people is unethical and a non-effective punishment. First, some may say the death penalty is effective and necessary because it makes criminals think twice before committing a crime. If the criminal knows that they could be killed as a punishment, they may rethink their choice. In addition, the death penalty is necessary because it is not fair for those who committed terrible crimes to just be sentenced to a life time in jail. Although they are stuck in jail for the rest of their lives, they aren’t given enough justice. The punishment of a criminal should be fit to the crime. The counterexample of this is that the death penalty is unethical, and non-effective for many reasons. The biggest issue with the death penalty is the expenses that go along with it. The death penalty is also hypocritical, and un-reversible. If someone who was given the death penalty was later found guilty, there would be no way to bring them back, whereas if they were in jail they could be taken out. There are better alternatives, that are just as effective as the death penalty, such as jail. Lastly, you can never be 100% sure that someone is guilty, and when handling a life or death situation you can not be “sort-of” sure of the guilt. There is evidence to support both sides of this argument over capital punishment.
My opinion is that capital punishment is not ethical, and it is not okay for the government to execute people. It is hypocritical for the government to kill someone because they kill...

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...elevision, and they are still alive. Life is precious, and when you take they life of someone else away from them, you don’t deserve life yourself. I found this a very valid point, and it supported their proposition greatly. I agree, and do not think it is fair for someone who murdered and raped innocent people should be able to have these luxuries. The death penalty isn't necessarily the answer though. Inmates shouldn’t have the privileges of watching television, and should have more of a punishment. The opposing group presented their ideas and examples that supported why the death penalty is wrong, and non-effective. One thing they mentioned was that we do not have the resources, nor the money to make 100% sure that someone is guilty of the crime they are accused of. There would be a tremendous amount of guilt that would go along with killing an innocent person.
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