Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment, also called the death penalty or death sentence, is a legal form of punishment carried out by a state or government upon a criminal. It is a legal process by which a person is put to death for a crime. Although it has been utilized since the beginning of civilization, capital punishment is a malignancy on civilized society that must be removed. The taking of an individual’s life legally is no different than the taking of a life illegally. The death penalty violates the US Constitution as well as the basic human rights to which we are all entitled. Furthermore, executions affect even those who are not convicts. The relatives of the condemned have to suffer along with the inmate and live with the consequences of the inmate’s death after the execution. The costs of the death penalty are not only borne by the inmates or their families but everyday people as well. The financial costs of the death penalty reach far beyond the actual execution. And it is the taxpayers who foot the bill. Ultimately, capital punishment is arbitrary, undignified and not suited for civilized society.


The execution of criminals and political opponents has taken place in nearly every culture and society, both as punishment and to silence dissidents. In most places that utilize capital punishment, it is reserved for murder, treason, or as part of military justice. In some nations sexual crimes, such as rape, adultery, incest and sodomy, carry the death penalty, as well as religious crimes such as apostasy or heresy. In many countries that use the death penalty, drug trafficking is also considered a capital offence. In militaries around the world courts-martial have imposed death sentences for off...

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... blood levels for thiopental were much lower in 88 percent of inmates than was required for a typical surgery. In addition to the University of Miami study, a 2007 study was published stated that “the conventional view of lethal injection leading to an invariably peaceful and painless death is questionable.”


Given the trend in research and the scientific studies that have been published, the death penalty should be abolished world-wide. It has been proven to be cruel and unusual, morally wrong, financially impractical, unconstitutional, and in violation of basic human rights. Over 100 countries, the European Union and the United Nations all oppose capital punishment. These countries and organizations have come to the morally correct and truthful conclusion that capital punishment is arbitrary, undignified and not suited for civilized society.
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