Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment Capital punishment is most severe form of justice, the death penalty.

It is the punishment given to the convicted criminals who have

committed a capital offence.This punishment exists mainly because it

is a huge deterrent against 'would be' criminals. Many countries have

abolished it as a punishment. Some people believe it is inhumane and

morally wrong for a society who frowns upon murderers to murder

others. Some criminals could be wrongly convicted; there is no redress

for innocent man. Some think that we are a civilized society that

should not kill to solve our problems. There are many different

reasons why countries such as the U.K have abolished it as a

punishment. The documentary "14 Days in May" focused the issue of

capital punishment.

Text Box: This documentary shows the life of the convicted murderer

Edward Earl Johnson awaiting the death penalty on Death Row in the

Parchment State Penitentiary, Mississippi. A film crew followed the

last fortnight of his life on death row before being put into the gas

chamber on the 20th May 1987. We see the last days of his life as he

and his legal team struggle to prove his innocence.

The death penalty was abolished in the USA until it was reinstated in

1976. The USA is in league with countries such as Iran, Turkey, South

Africa and China, which all use capital punishment.

Edward Earl Johnson a twenty-six year old black man claimed he was

forced into confessing to the shooting of the white town Marshal, and

the rape of a sixty-year-old white woman. He spent eight yea...

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...urder as a punishment. I have always seen the death penalty as an

easy way out, we do not know what happens after death and if death

truly is the end, with no after life, then the criminal will never

have to think about the crime they have committed and ever have really

suffered. It has persuaded me to think twice about some of the

criminals in prison and whether or not they are innocent. Cases like

Edward's make people more against capital punishment. An innocent man

was killed while the criminal is still living. Capital punishment is

killing to rid the world of our problems instead of sorting them out.

The documentary shows capital punishment to be barbaric and endangers

the innocent. Every one should remember that it is not man's job to

control man, when everyone realizes this maybe the world will be a

better place.
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