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Introduction This paper will explore and analyze assessment and interventions pertaining to self-concept and patient behavior. It will also define and compare methodology and nursing process. This paper will be responding to the case studies and questions provided on Canvas.
Case study one
In case study one, a nurse is providing annual examinations for 3 school-aged children. While examining the children the nurse notices that the kids are healthy, but their clothes are messy. She then notices their 40-year-old father, who looks exhausted. When assessing the father, he tells her that his wife died 3 months ago and that he is the only person providing and caring for the children. He also discloses that his employer (from a high-volume accounting
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It is encouraged by the nursing process, which is used by nurses in order to diagnose and treat patients. In a way methodology serves a nursing process of researchers and scientist, along with the scientific method. Methodology is also used in organizations and businesses to find and fix problems and make business decisions. In collecting information it is important to collect as much info as possible to support any claim, theory, or experiment. When seeking data, a person should look into the different methods of collecting data, such as: surveys, interviews, focus groups, and observation. In this case study the nurse could effectively use any of those methods to collect a bunch of info pertaining to her topic of interest. Before outlining a methodology, the nurse should know why and how she gathered her info and what it’s supporting. Very similar to the scientific method, the nurse should have an idea or hypothesis that drives her research. She should document her evidence and her methods of collecting the data. These things should happen when using methodology and the nursing process. The nurse in this case study is seeking info that could help nurses understand patient noncompliance and how to handle it. This nurse has a bunch of opportunities to collect the information she needs to form a methodology. She is in constant contact with patients and colleagues who she could interview or survey at any time. Nurse researchers recognize the need to consult other experts and to consider other organizational patterns (Cravens, pg.140). This nurse also has opportunities to validate her findings for her methodology with her peers and colleagues, just as she would for a nursing

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