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A Cantilever Through Truss Bridge is a bridge that is formed by two or more cantilevers placed back to back. First of all, a bridge is a structure built to span across to connect two physical features, such as; land, valley, body of water, railroad. A span is the horizontal sector between the two supporting structures of the bridge. A cantilever is a structure that projects from a supporting column. The cantilever is counterbalanced and/or supported at one end only. The cantilevers are supported in the center of the bridge at the piers. The Cantilever Through Truss Bridge contains a suspended span in between the set of cantilevers. The suspended span in the center is a truss, more specifically, it is a through truss so the structure is above the travel surface. The “Through Truss” section …show more content…

A suspension is where the deck of the bridge is held below by vertical suspenders. These bridges must contain three main parts to it. The parts of the suspension bridges are the towers to hold the cables that suspend the bridge to carry its weight, the cable itself, and deck structure. Each suspension bridge is specifically designed for each unique bridge taking on account of a couple of affecting factors. Some of those factors are the geology of the area where the bridge is hoped to be built and if it may be susceptible to natural disasters, such as earthquakes. The image in the figure below demonstrates a tremendously built bridge in San Francisco, California that is a superb example of this type of bridge.

Figure 8. Suspension Bridge
This figure above displays a wonderful model for the suspension bridge detailed above. Suspension bridges have cables that are connected to two tall towers. The Golden Gate Bridge has two main towers that support the two main cables. These cables receive the tension forces of the bridge. The Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco is about 2,737 meters long. Figure 9. Force Diagram of Other

In this essay, the author

  • Explains a cantilever through truss bridge, which is formed by two or more cantilevers placed back to back.
  • Illustrates the basic structural pattern found in a bridge. the overall structure of the bridge contains many types of triangles.
  • Explains that the quebec bridge is the largest cantilever through truss bridge in the world. although failed multiple times, it was finally completed in 1919 by the canadian national railway.
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