Canon Corporate Strategy Essay

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The company’s corporate level strategy is based on the philosophy of kyosei, which means living and working together for a mutual good. As a result, Canon Inc. strives to achieve global prosperity and contributes positively to the welfare of mankind. The company’s mission and goals entails providing innovative and attractive products as well as profitable solutions and services. The pros of the corporate strategy include the enterprising spirit it instills to the company, the emphasis on technology, and respect for humanity. As a result, the strategy has made it possible for Canon, Inc. to distinguish itself from through technology leading to new advances to the society. However, the corporate strategy has been unable to effectively deal with…show more content…
The marketing strategy focuses on growing secondary businesses in related areas, for instance retail photo and network cameras segments. As such, the business units include industry, professional, office, and home. Therefore, in addition to the marketing costs, the company incurs additional costs, such as labor and risk, parts procurement, and in-house production of tools to ensure that the strategies are met.
The competitive strategy is also aimed at delivering the highest value through identification of trends in emerging economies with a bid to establish effective sales structures in such regions. Moreover, Canon, Inc. has a global marketing and service aimed at achieving a sustainable society by having a general focus on sustainable technological products that succeed in enriching lifestyles and protecting the environment. To improve productivity the company emphasizes on raising quality and reducing costs by utilizing insights and full expertise of production employees through its cell production
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is working greatly to stay a business leader and achieve sustainable globalization although the company should work toward cultivating a talented workforce through its management training program to mitigate human resource turnover. The company should emphasize on the strategic mapping process to leverage its competitive advantage in the market dominated by companies such as Sony, Nikon, HP, and Xerox. Such mapping would entail strategy formulation and implementation through organizational change and environmental scanning. The management should establish a generic strategy that matches the external market and company resources as well as the kyosei philosophy.
Canon should also take advantage of the evolving trends to achieve long run profitability and as such, retrieve resources from copiers and printers to full business solutions for offices. The company should change from a centralized system of decision-making to include a participative approach where divisional managers are encouraged to take part in the decision process. The management should also offer rewards for innovation to spur resource development. Moreover, a culture of risk-taking should be
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