Candy Chemicals

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In Werther’s Original Hard Candies, I will identify three chemicals that have been added to the candy. I will also name and list the structure of the compounds, explain the purpose of the chemicals, reason for addition of the compound, and if there is an alternative to the addition of the compound.
The first chemical added to the candy is glucose syrup. Glucose syrup is known as a simple sugar and is also found in many foods. The compound’s formula is C6H12O6, it consists of 6 carbons, 12 hydrogen, and 6 oxygen molecules (3D picture below). Some characteristics of the chemical glucose are that it is found in a solid state, and its freezing or melting point is at 146 degrees Celsius (

The purpose of adding glucose is obviously to sweeten the candy, but also to prevent the candy from sticking to the wrapper. Someone would find this chemical to be important because it helps incorporate the sweetness into the candy. It is also important because the candy is wrapped in wrappers, so adding the chemical prevents it from sticking. The perceived quality the candy may get by the addition of the compound is that it gives off a smooth and non-sticky candy.
The compound chemically achieves its purpose by first dissolving the sugar with water and glucose syrup. The next step is to boil it to its boiling point. Which will cause the sugars to dissolve and it will prevent sugar crystals to form inside of the hard candy. No large crystallization should occur because you want to create a smooth, and creamy textured candy (“Factsheet on glucose”).
There is no alternative to the compound because in order to make hard and smooth candy, it is required that no large crystallization occurs. With glucose it forms around the...

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...such as agar, carrageenan. Agar is mostly used to thicken products in the desert area. Using agar would thicken the candy and make it bigger to eat. Carrageenan can also be an alternative because it is used to block out things, such as flavor or smell.
In Werther’s Original Hard Candies, the chemicals: glucose syrup, vanillin artificial flavor, and soy lecithin emulsifier were the three that I identified in the candy. The purpose for the chemicals all helped create the hard candy either by sweetening, preventing stickiness, gives flavor, and keeping the chemicals all together. Some of the chemicals could be replaced with a new flavor like mint, or with different emulsifiers. But glucose is one of the chemicals that can’t be alternated because you don’t want crystallizations in the hard candies. All in all, this candy still would taste good if it was alternated.
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