Candidtates Views on Education, Environment, and Women´s Health in the Race for Virginia´s Next Governor

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During the race for Virginia’s next governor, many issues played a key role in debates held between the candidates. These issues were prevalent in their campaigns and received a lot of attention by both the media and the voting public. Terry McAuliffe, Ken Cuccinelli, and Robert Sarvis all had differing opinions on several big issues within the state of Virginia. The issues of education, the environment, and women’s health were issues that I deemed most important.
The issue of education played a very big role in this year’s election because Virginia citizens recognize that a good education is what opens the door for a good career. There is state-wide worry over the Standards of Learning tests, tenure given to teachers, and the availability of a secondary education to every student regardless of race or gender. This issue is important to me because I am a student in the state of Virginia. I know firsthand the horrors of the Standards of Learning tests and the worry of whether or not I will be allotted an education after high school.
My personal opinion on the topic of education stems from being a Virginia student my entire life. I feel as though no candidate knows the Virginia education system as well as a student or teacher who lives it every single day. In no way do I feel as though the Standards of Learning tests have prepared me for college or a career, because to pass an SOL a student must memorize a long list of facts. Teachers skim over important fundamentals of the material to spend more time on the memorization of the guidelines. Students who struggle with grasping the material are simply told that there is no time to review the material again in order to meet the deadline. These students who are left behind are expected...

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...r job training. Cuccinelli wishes to stimulate the economy through the growth of secondary education institutions, establish more STEM grants for high school graduates, and the opportunity for college freshmen to lock-in a tuition rate for four years.
Candidate Robert Sarvis has a more radical approach to education, he plans to completely eliminate the SOLS and demand actual classroom learning. Sarvis wishes to reward teachers on quality instruction rather than outcomes of standardized test scores. Sarvis believes that too many students graduate high school without the skills they need to thrive in the workforce. Robert Sarvis wishes to deregulate private schools and reform public school’s accreditation requirements, state mandates, local school-board powers, and the State Board of Education itself.

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