Cancer in Cats

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Cheyenne Shores P. 3 Feline Cancer In cats there are many different types of diseases that can harm them greatly. One of the scariest, and comon, in humans and our animal counter parts, is cancer. Cancer can be painful, terrifying, and and too many cases, deadly. Most Common Types Though cats are less likely to get cancer than dogs, there are many different types of cancers that a cat can contract. Some of the most comon are Lymphoma, Skin Cancer, Gingiva Oral squamous Carinomas or mouth cancer, and Osterocacroma. Lymphoma is a type of cancer that starts in the Lymphocyte Cells, a type of whote blood cell. Lymphocyte Cells play an important part in the immuine system. Lymphoma is found to be responsible for around 90% of blood cancers and about 33% of all tumors in cats. Its also the most common cause of hypercalcemia in cats. (Science Weekly, 2012) Skin cancer in cats often appears like a white plaque or a raised bump on the skin. The bump will often ulcerate with occasional bleeding. These type of carcinomas are usually malignant, early detection and treatment is best. These cancerous cells can easly spread just like any other cancer to other organs. Skin cancers are more likely in cats that live in high altitudes or cats with light, esspecially white, coats. (Crain, D, 2005) Gingiva Oral squamous Carinomas, or mouth cancer, is particularly deadly, moving quickly though the body, with usual fatal results. These tumors grow very rapidly and usually invade to nearby bone and tissue. These carcinomas are usually seen in oldercats. (PetMD, 1999- 2014) Osteosacroma is the most common milignant bone tumor in veterinary practice. This cancer is especially painful, the most comon places for these tumors are the humerus, femur, and ti... ... middle of paper ... one day it will be found and a vacine and cure could be developed. Diagnosing Diagnosing these cancers is very tricky because they tend to have a lot of the same symptoms, not only to themselves but also to other diseases. Lymphoma is usually misdiagnosed as IBS and as a conciquece of such with the treatment for IBS usually causes the cancer to further spread and develop it's self. (Science Weekly, 2012) Just like in human cancers when finding a lump under the skin on any part of the body it is important to go the the vet and get them checked out. The most comon way of diagnosing cancers is by a biopsy, which is taking a part of flesh from the suspected affected area and testing it for any cancerous cells. Most cancers are misdiagnosed or go undiagnosed completely because their symptoms often resemble other diseases which are easier treated, and more common.

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