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These cells (that have cancer in them) are able to go into other muscles or part of body by growing into them. They can also get into other tissue by putting themselves into faraway places in the body by “Metastasis”. Metastasis is a process that when cancer cells move through the blood stream or lymphatic system. When this happens, a person’s cancer can be spread inside his/her body.
Cancer can affect anybody at any age. Most types of cancer are more possible to affect people as they get older. This is because a person’s DNA gets older. Their DNA may become damaged, that happened in the past and might get worse. One type of cancer that is more common in young man, rather than older people is, testicular cancer (cancer of the testicles)
There is no cure for cancer. It can only be cured if all of the cells with cancer are cut out or killed in place. This means that the earlier the cancer is treated, the better the chances are for a cure (because the cancer cells may not have had enough time to copy themselves and spread so much that the person cannot be cured). There are a few different types of treatments that are used to try to kill cancer cells. These treatments are radiation therapy (which uses radiation to kill cancer cells); chemotherapy (which uses strong medications to kill cancer cells); and biological therapy. In some cases, at least a part of tumour can be taken out through surgery. But this is not the end of treatment. After surgery, sick people may need radiotherapy or chemotherapy to keep the tumour from growing again.
One big problem of treating cancer is that most things that kill cancer cells are also kills normal and healthy cells. This is why people who are getting chemotherapy often lose their hair and throw u...

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...her things that are knows to be able to cause many different types of cancer. For example, using tobacco (smoke or smokeless) can cause many types of cancers, such as lung, mouth, tongue, and throat cancers.
Other things that are known to be able to get cancer or make a person more possible to get cancer include being unprotected to lots of sunlight, radiation (including X-rays in large or many amounts, chemicals used in building and work, high-fat or low-fibre diets; dirty air and water, eating very little fruit and vegetables; fatness; not enough physical activity; drinking too much alcohol; and some chemicals commonly used at home. Some cancers can also cause by viruses. Even if a person is exposed to one of these possible causes of cancer, it does not mean that he will automatically get cancer. Many people who do these things do not get cancer- but some do.

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