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Cancer has become a very common illness world wide for any age but mostly affecting adults. One can get cancer from different places in the body that is why there are so many people with cancer, because of all the different types. Cancer can affect any gender, female or male, and any age. It varies from ovarian cancer to prostate cancer, skin cancer to lukemia. Cancer has been a problem for many years yet we have not found a cure to treat and prevent cancer. If one is affected by cancer there are treatments to help take away this illness affecting their body. This essay is about a specific type of treatment for cancer, radiation therapy. There are different types of forms of particles for radiation, for example, protons and waves like x-rays and visible light. These types of radiations are grouped on how much energy they contain because it can cause different affects. A low type of energy radiation can be radio waves and heat, also known as non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation has enough energy to break chemical bonds and knock electrons out of atoms, some examples of these are x-rays and ultraviolet light rays from the sun. That is why radiation is a way to treat cancer because of the strong energy it has to destroy a cancer cell, actually any cell in the body. That’s the issue with radiation therapy, is it worth the damage? It can damage any cell, wether it is healthy or cancerous, which can cause a major affect in the body later on. Although it sounds scary there are other types of treatments such as chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, photodynamic therapy, etc. So if radiation therapy does not sound like the best there are always other options but they do not develop the same results for radiation therapy. Rad... ... middle of paper ... ...b done but can bring more side effects to the patient. Radiation is a connection to physics, which was a very important important discovery in science because it has cured many patients who have been affected by cancer when before they were left to die. Radiation therapy, like any other way exposed to radiation, can be a risk. The importance of undergoing this treatment is to see the positive side of it, not just think of the bad things that can come out of the radiation therapy. There is a risk of second cancers but isn’t it worth it? This treatment gives patients the chance to live a longer and normal life, this wasn’t an option before, so it’s important to be thankful for being born in this time period. Radiation might not be seen as a good thing in many occasions but it is now used for the good of the people affected by cancer, it’s a second chance for life.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that cancer is a common illness that affects people of all ages, from ovarian cancer to lukemia. radiation therapy is an effective way to treat cancer, but it can also be someone's last hope.
  • Explains radiation therapy can be seen as the last hope for a cancer patient. it reduces the pain by shrinking the tumors and pressure.
  • Explains that radiation therapy can be administered by injection of alpha and beta particles, or by swallowing.
  • Explains that radiation oncologists, radiation physicists, and dosimetrists are specialized in cancer treatment.
  • Explains how radiation works when given to treat cancer cells, but it can also damage the healthy cells. side effects depend on where and how much radiation is being administered.
  • Explains that radiation can be an exposure to many other diseases, but radiation does not only come from the radiation therapy.
  • Explains that past cancer patients who were cured by treatments are starting to live longer than those who never had cancer, so professionals are closely researching the long side effects of cancer treatments.
  • Analyzes the relationship between therapy and second neoplasms in pediatric cancer survivors, stating that receiving second cancers is like a raffle.
  • Explains that radiation therapy is the most effective way to win the battle against cancer. it can destroy or severely damage the cancer cell, stopping it from spreading around the body.
  • Explains that ionizing radiation kills the cells and stops them from growing. it is divided into two major types: particle radiation, protons, neutrons, carbon ions, alpha, and beta particles.
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