Cancer Essay

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Definition of cancer.
Cancer is a wide range of diseases which form a subset of Neoplasm. A tumor is a group of Neoplasm that have undergone unregulated growth. Neoplasm serves no physiological function and will often form a lump. Cancer can result by genetic that are inherited from ancestors. It is possible to be born with a specific genetic mutations or a fault in a certain gene that makes the person more likely to develop cancer later in life.

Cancer classification nowadays, types of primary cells in tumor.
One of the important factors in assorting a tumor as benign or malignant is its impacting potential. If a tumor lacks the mastery to invade neighboring tissues or spread to distant positions by metastasizing then it is benign. Whereas, metastatic tumors are malignant, which can influence nearby sites. The development rates of benign and malignant tumors also differ, benign tumors remarkably grow more slowly than malignant tumors. The appearance of the benign tumors are mostly likely to be identical and malignant tumors are often various than it originated cell. After this classification the tumors are further divided depending on the different cell types. Most importantly carcinomas, which are characterized by specific cells that commonly found in the internal and external lining parts of the body, for instance, lung, breast, and colon cancer.

Cancer formation cascade and cancer causes.
Cancer is formed by a mutation in cells. Stem cells divide to produce more cells which are called progenitor cells. These cells further divide and transition into differentiated cells that have specific functions. However, a mutation occurs here which causes the cells to undergo de-differentiation and a series of mutative events occu...

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... a large tumor that is nourished from blood vessels. When a drug is used to kill cancerous cells, there will be a few cells that will be resistant to it. This causes the surviving cells to multiply and create a whole new colony resistant to that specific drug.

Symptoms and Treatments.
Cancer signs and symptoms are quite different and depend on where is the cancer located, how deep it has spread, and what is size of the tumor is. Some cancers can be either felt or seen through the skin , such as, a lump on the external lining can be an indicator of cancer in those locations. Other cancer types have signs that have a less physical appearance. For example, colon cancers result in symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, and changes in the faeces shape and color. Bladder or prostate cancer affect in bladder function such as more persistent or unusual urination.
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