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There are various different forms of cancer affecting all different parts of the body. Healthy cells will grow, divide and eventually die making way for new cells to take their place. In young healthy youth this process is faster in order to aid an individual in growing. In an adult individual cells divide and only replace themselves when they have worn out or are incapable of repairing injuries (Fox, 2009). Cancer is a process in which the cell starts to grow without control or a stop mechanism. There are different types of cancers but all start with an abnormal cell growth that is out of control (Fox, 2009).
Cancer cell growth is very different from that of a normal healthy cell. These cells do not die and instead just continue to generate and create more abnormal cells. These cells are also unique in that they will invade and conquer other cells (Fox 2009). Cancer cells have some dysfunction due to their DNA sequencing. DNA usually promotes normal functioning; in a normal healthy cell it will direct the cell to die if it is beyond repair. When the DNA is damaged the programmed cell death function does not occur and instead of death the cell reproduces more of these cells through mitosis creating more abnormal cells (American Cancer Society, 2014).
DNA can become damaged due to many different reasons. Damage can occur by accident or can be caused by environmental factors. There is no direct pinpoint to how DNA becomes damaged (American Cancer Society, 2014). Cancer cells often form groups together creating a tumor or mass. There are cancers such as leukemia that do not form tumors but thrive in the circulatory system depositing damaged cells throughout the body where they will end up growing (American Cancer Society, 2014). C...

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...r disease and to work on improving their quality of life at all levels. As a PTA it would be important to be aware of the different treatment methods and how that will affect your patient and their capabilities to exercise. It is important to be aware of any complications and to be able to get the patient immediate treatment if necessary. There are psychological factors that affect the patient as well and it is important to know how to get your patient the help and support they need. These patients need to be carefully monitored throughout their treatment and they need frequent rest periods. For those patients that had surgery to treat their cancer it is important to be able to care for their wounds, amputated limbs and how to appropriately treat these patients. There are many different aspects to be aware of when treating a patient with bone cancer.

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