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There are a series of complex processes within the human body whose consequences is the wearing out of body cells and tissues and consequently their replacement is quite ideal. Body anatomy confirms that human body is made up of numerous cells that are organized into functional parts that work to achieve various life processes. As the processes in the body progress, there is synthesis of new cells that replace the worn out ones. The new cells need to be a replica or exact copies of the worn out cells with the same functional capacity and attributes. Otherwise, an abnormality occurs in the structure and physiology of the human body. In case malignant growths develop due to abnormality in the body cells, a condition known as cancer develops. Cancer basically can occur on any part of the body. The most common forms of cancer are lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, cancer of the brain and colon cancer among others.
Development of colon cancer begins when the process of the normal replacement of cells on the colon lining is interfered with which in most cases is due to faults in the process of mucosal cell division. As a result of this, the lining cells multiply gradually (for almost 10years) forming polyps which are pre-cancerous tumors. Further growth of the polyps generates mutations that facilitate subversion of the cells making them inexplicable. If not detected early, the pre-cancerous tumors may change course and attack other layers of the large intestine thus becoming cancerous (KEVIN, 2014).
Precisely, colon cancer is a health condition in which malignant or cancerous cells develop in the tissues of the colon. Colon is actually a section of the digestive tract that helps in the absorption of waste and...

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A more advanced form of treatment of colon cancer is the use of radiations. This can be done in combination with chemotherapy for patients with colon cancer in the third stage. In the cases where the cancer has reached the fourth stage where the cells have reached adjacent organs like the liver, some treatments can be done to reach the liver. Some of them are ablation, directing the radiation to the liver, cryotherapy and liver surgery.
Normally, there are higher chances of surviving if the cancer is detected prematurely. The question of certainty in survival depends on the stage at which the cancer is diagnosed. In most cases patients who have been diagnosed of colon cancer have high chances of surviving five years after the diagnosis (Network., 2012). Cancer at the first, second and third stages are essentially curable and the patients survive.
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