Cancer Centers Off Limits

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Why can people not get the care they need when faced with diseases such as cancer? Budget cuts, health care reform and insurance companies are making it difficult for many Americans to receive proper care. There is evidence that people with cancer are not getting the right treatment due to budget cuts. Many people are unable to afford some of the things the new law is putting in effect for people with cancer. Will this problem continue to cause a downfall in health care? Will Americans who have cancer or other serious illness be subject to high premiums or to no care at all?.

Many Americans best cancer centers hospitals are off limits under the Affordable Care Act. Now that this new law was established it has been very difficult for many cancer patients to get the proper care that they need. Even doctors, State insurance regulators and administrators are very concerned about this new law and for their patients. Even well known insurance companies are scaling back cancer coverage under Obama care exchanges. This Affordable Care act has traditionally kept 48 million Americans out of health insurance. Associated Press Survey found examples coast to coast. Seattle Cancer was excluded by five out of eight insurances in Washington insurance. MD Anderson Cancer Center says its in less than half of the plans in the Houston area. Memorial Sloan Kettering is included by two of nine Insurances in New York City and has out of network agreements with two more. In all only four of 19 nationally recognized comprehensive cancer centers that responded to the AP Survey.

Of the 19 that responded four reported to the Associated Survey such as Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Fox Chase Cancer in Philadelphia, Du...

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... should take it in consideration that there is people lives at stake here with these cancer centers being off limits. There can be many ways to help cancer patients find the properly care that they need in order to treat there deadly disease. I believe that Obama should be more considerate about people and there insurances because its hard trying to make it in this world now a days, its a struggle and that’s why I wrote this paper to help people realize the things going on in this world.

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