Cancer: Cause, Causes And Symptoms Of Cancer

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Due: 5/21/2014
Causes and symptoms of cancer may sometimes be invisible or hard to notice. It is important that you know what the symptoms and causes are, so that you are aware of the signs to watch for.
The causes of cancer may vary by the location of the organ it is affecting in the body. Cancer begins when a cell breaks free from the normal restraints of controlled growth. When they arise, they violate the condominium which regulates the cells’ activities and duties. The cancer cells then become hard to manipulate, and begin following their own internal agenda for cell reproduction. After they break free and begin causing damage by migrating from the site where they began, they start invading nearby vital tissues and organs and forming masses at distant sites in the body. When these cells take over tissues and start forming masses, they compose tumors. When unnoticed or uncontrolled, these tumors can develop aggressively and quickly causing major disruption in vital organs and tissues needed for the person’s survival and growth.
Tumor development occurs in stages. The creation of a malignant (or very infectious) tumor in epithelial tissues (tissues that line the cavities and surfaces of structures throughout the body, which form many glands) is the most common of malignancies, which are called carcinomas. The tumor is a result of the mass formed by the cancer cells, which can also be considered a mutation in any number of genes. The number of genes varies by different tumors and locations in the body. Invasive cancer begins when the genetic changes allow the tumor to invade and take over certain tissues, and shed cells into the blood (lymph). When this occurs, the mass is then considered to be malignant. The rene...

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...s- which we would now consider immunotherapies because they aimed to attack disease with the body’s own defenses- brought about complete tumor regressions in some individuals. But they were not broadly accepted, because the results were unpredictable (What You Need To Know About Cancer, 101).

It is important that you know the signs and causes of all of the different types of cancers, so you are aware and can contact medical help if you suspect you are a victim of symptoms. Being aware of these facts may save your life, or even a loved ones.
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