Canada's North

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Canadian Studies has constantly been under fire as to the legitimacy of the work scholars are producing within its interdisciplinary nature. Increasingly, the understanding of “interdisciplinary” as a term has also been questioned. The value of understanding ones own country has decreased, yet Canada continues to encounter periods of great change (Symons 114). I argue that the interdisciplinary focus Canadian Studies takes on reflects past and present Canadian life – be it political, social, cultural, economic, geographical and so forth ¬– as a means to keep the study afloat. Society is in a constant state of development (Campbell 49), although that progress and overarching narratives may take an unspecified, if ever ending, period of time to foster into a larger understanding retrospectively. There could never be too much Canadian Studies, based on this principle of constant change over time. What is challenging to find within that growth is a method to have teachings and programs that reach out to the wider Canadian public (Symons 138). I question how you can create or stem a des...
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