Canada's Justice System

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Canada's Justice System It’s a common belief that western nations believe that their own

justice system is blind, and that all people are equal before the eyes

of the law. Whether or not that’s true is an entirely different

scenario. Canadians take pride in our open mind approach to and

acceptance of all cultures, multiculturalism is what makes this Canada

so unique and great. A closer in depth analysis into Canada’s justice

system will show that their acceptance of all cultures did not leak

through to the confinements of its courts. Why it is that one race or

class is more likely to be an inmate? From a racial standpoint, is it

in the genetics or the way that they are raised that inevitably lands

them the hands of the judicial system or are there other factors that

contribute to one race having a high number of criminals. Another

form of possible discrimination that’s quite evident through out the

legal system is that of class segregation. The poor are far more

frequent in jail then the middle and upper class, but is it just a

coincidence? Or are they being targeted by middle class police

officers, lawyers, and judges? Through out this critical assessment of

the Canada’s justice system it is important first to identify the

poor, then to identify the criminals, and conclude if there is any

direct relationship between the two categories, then a judgment can be

made on the discriminations (if any) on Canada’s justice system.

Class segregation is no secret, every country has it even if some are

more unspoken then others. In capitalist societies there is a min...

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...uitted due to lack of funds for proper representation. They

are then stuck in a struggle in which they need to achieve economic

wealth, but don’t have the money for the top schools therefore lack

the education, and they can’t get a good job because no one will give

them a chance, therefore lack of experience. It then becomes a cycle

where the poor stay poor and continue to get poorer, while as the rich

continue to thrive and get richer. With race aside, the battle truly

becomes the rich against the poor, a true capitalist society in which

the poor are in fact the majority however are forced into lives of

crime while the minority of rich life in safe areas, and live a rather

lavish lifestyle. However this is what Canada is, and what it will

continue to be the land where the rich get richer, and the poor get

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