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World War 2 was a defining event in history, which had a considerable effect on Canada. World War 2 affected Canada socially, politically, and economically. Canada assisted in multiple assaults that led to the substantial victories. Canada’s contributions to the war led to drastic changes to Canada, which includes technology advancement, baby boomers , better economy and a higher prowess.

Ever since World War one, Canada was starting to grow away from the British Empire. Canada achieved more independence from the British Empire as time went by because Canada received greater recognition as a more of a sovereign country through the fact that they invested so many lives into the war. By the end of the war, Canada was known as the arsenal of
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The most drastic changes that applied to Canada were the independence of Canada, investing a huge army force into World War II and getting recognition from it. Canada soon becomes a separate country from Mother Britain. Also, the conscious effort of the Canadian Government to avoid a repeat of the economic destruction was a necessity for the economy to regain its centre. The support for the returning veterans was crucial because the veterans were worried that they had no job when returning as a veteran. However, that wasn’t the case, veterans returning from World War II were returned to their original jobs and with benefits. The veterans also had the choice to go back to education. Since the veterans were coming back from war, everyone wanted to have families because they couldn’t have babies while the soldiers were at war. This was the reason for baby boomers, which was a huge spike in population and with the increase in population, people had to move to the suburbs. With the babies populating Canada, people had to create factories and schools in order to educate and create the necessary baby needed goods. By creating these factories and schools, jobs were plentiful. The final drastic change to Canada was the advance in technology. Cars, electric mixers, refrigerators, vacuum machines, and clothes washers and dryer were created and advertised through television, which over 75% of the population had. With the introduction of the television, many goods were encouraged by television and bought by the population. The demand for so many goods built a healthy manufacturing industry. With these events in the history of Canada, the Canadian country became
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