Canada, World War Two: One Small Step for Victory, A Giant Leap for Independence

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There are many achievements that Canada made during and after World War Two but the most important accomplishment was the attainment of independence. Canada was growing further and further apart from Mother Britain. Also, there was a feeling of greater pride and nationalism within the citizens and soldiers of Canada. Canada’s sense of identity had changed completely and Canada grew its autonomy significantly. This can be seen by Canada’s success in the Battle of Atlantic, the Invasion of Italy and D-day. As a result, Canada was extremely prosperous at gaining autonomy during World War Two.

First of all, the most important step Canada took towards becoming autonomous was during the Battle of Atlantic, the beginning of World War Two. Primarily, Canada took the difficult task of providing convoy escorts to Britain and was successful in doing so, independently. For example, as Marc Milner clearly and concisely explained, “The Allies won the war in the Atlantic and did it in a convincing style. Canadians proved superior on all fronts, from sheer industrial production to intelligence, equipment, operational research and command and control” (Sarty 18). Also precisely described by Jean Pierre Blackburn, Canadian Minister of Veteran’s Affairs, 2010,

The Battle of the Atlantic was one of the most harrowing and important struggles of the Second World War. Many Canadian sailors and civilians crossed the treacherous North Atlantic, under the constant threat of U-boats and carrying dangerous cargo. It was a struggle to sustain the vital lifeline of supplies from Canada's east coast to Britain and the European Front so that the fight for freedom and democracy could continue. In the end, we were victorious, but a terrible price w...

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