Canada Economic Problems and Policies

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Canada Economic Problems/Policies

Answer 1)

Hydro Electric Power Generation of Ontario was established in 1906 in Ontario, Canada. It was a public owned electric utility which was established with the purpose of working with private companies already working at niagara Falls and builiding transmission lines to supply municipal utilities with electricity generated by the private companies.

Answer 2)

Canada National Railway was founded in the year 1918 by the Canadian Government. The railway company is having largest rail network and best revenue figures in Canada and is currently running from Atlantic Coast in Nova Scotia to the Pacific Coast in British Columbia.

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Founded in the year 1927, Liquor Control Board of Ontario(LCBO) was established in Ontario Province with the purpose of selling of Liquor, Wine and Beer through chain of retail stores and to revoke the cocnerned ban as imposed during 1916. Today, only LCBO stores are authorized to sell distilled spirits in Ontario and thus the set up of LCBo has provided easing of Ontario’s temperance regime.

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Founded during the year 1936, Canada Broadcasting Corporation(CBC) is the oldest existing radio and televesion broadcaster in Canada. The corporation offers multiple radio and television services in Canada.

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Unemployment Benefits are the social welfare payments which are made to the unemployed persons by the nation administration or state bodies. The benefits provided to the unemployed persons are limited to covering basic needs.

In canada, the federal government passed Unemployment Insurance Act in 1940 instituting a national public system of unemployment insurance. The scheme was financed through contributions of variosu groups in the so...

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... Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA) is a trade agreement which came into force during 1994 in order to elimianet any barriers of both trade and investment between USA, Mexico and Canada.

Answer 19)

During 1998, Bank of Montreal proposed a merger with Royal bank and around same tim, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce proposed a merger with Toronto-Dominion Bank. However the mergers were declined by the reviewing Competition Beaureau of Canada and confirmed rejection was provided by the then Finance Minister on the basis of high user fees and local branch closures.

Answer 20)

Post the bearish trend of 1987, Toronto Stock Exchange in early 1990’s saw a dot com bubble led by computer and technology stocks with the advent of era of personal computer turning out necessary for both households and businesses.

It was Microsoft that was largely benefited from dot com bubble.
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