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CANADA Canada is the best place in the word to do business and foreign investment. According to forbes magazines Canada is the best country in G20 for business and banking system has also rated as the world 's soundest for the past six years. There are some countries in the world with a triple A rating and Canada is one of them. This provide confidence to investors to do business in Canada. Business History Canada started the business practices dates from the earliest European contact with the continent. FISHERIES and FURTRADE were started by English and French merchants during1627 and 1670. and these companies were the backbone of early Canadian business development between 1780-1821 Early Canadian entrepreneurs were not in an environment of unbridled free enterprise. The state exercised a formative role from the starting. Mercantilist legislation, commercial policy and financial guarantee influenced the businessman 's risk taking. In 20th century with the introduction of new technologies auto-mobiles, aviation and electronics industries started. The State continue to influence the business through taxation and labour policies as well as by entering the marketplace itself through crown corporations. Political and economic systems Both the federal and provincial government play important role in Canadian economy. The legislative power is divided between federal and provincial assemblies. Interaction between the private sector and government is highly regulated and come under scrutiny in recent years. The role of public servants, office holders in Canada is subject to codes of conduct established by federal, provincial and municipal governments. Canada provides a successful formula for foreign investment by leveraging abun... ... middle of paper ... ...on programs to market-stimulating regulations. As a result, projects to harness natural sources of power are underway across the country, and international investors are increasingly attracted to Canada. BUSINESS SERVICES Canada’s business-services sector is a critical node in today’s multinational, multi-value chain model. With a real GDP of more than $60 billion in 2011,66 the professional, scientific, and technical services sector (or business services sector) employed nearly 1.3 million people— more than seven percent of the country’s total labour force. In fact, Canada is a preferred destination for complex and high-value-added information-technology and business process outsourcing. References :

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