Can Peace in the Middle East Exist?

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Will there or can there be peace in the Middle East? My answer may seem very contradictory but in my essay you will understand why. No there can't be any peace in the Middle East. Yes there will be peace in the Middle East. Peace will come only with Christ's return. The very origin of Arabs began with Ishmael. God had given Abraham a promise of a son. Yet instead of waiting on God Sarah grew impatient and gave her handmaid to her husband to bare him a child because she was barren. I guess she was trying to help God out? This handmaid was an Egyptian maiden. So Hagar bare Ishmael. The prophecy concerning him was that he would be a wild man; his hand will be against every man's hand, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of his brethren. So from the very beginning Ishmael was cast out though God did say he would be a great nation. I firmly believe all the hatred, confusion, turmoil, violence, and chaos can always be traced back to this very fact. God chose Israel to be his promised people, Ishmael and his descendants (Arabs) he did not choose. So Israel will always be despised, hated, and rejected in many people's eyes, not just the Arabs. Coupled along with that is the hatred for anyone who would stand with, help, or favor the Jews. There will never be any peace here as long as parents are teaching their kids to hate, and raising them to believe false ideologies. How can you accept that your brother who came from the same father and his descendants are the chosen people and you are not? That is a very hard pill to swallow. There is a way for peace but this way is utterly rejected. Generations are not taught about this way of peace and a love for others who are not the same ... ... middle of paper ... in itself is not enough. There must be some action and implementation to make peace possible. There must first be unity before there can be any sort of peace. I do believe that there is a difference. This is the very premise of my belief that there can never be peace in the Middle East. However, there will be when Christ returns! Works Cited Page Pappe, Iian. "The one Palestine: Past, present, and future perspectives" Nebula. September 2008 Brilliant, Joshua. "Israel give nod to Saudi peace Idea" UPI. March 2007 "Israel-Palestine Conflict issues and history in brief", "Mideast web for middle east coexistence" 2001-2007 Rosenburg, M.J. "Daniel pipes idea of peace." May 9, 2003 Andersen R., Seibert R., Wagner R. Politics and Change in the Middle East. Pearson Education, 2009

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