Can Peace Exist Between the Israelis and Palestinians?

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The conflicting views of the Israelis and Arab Palestinians has led to an everlasting struggle between the two groups for the establishment of peace among the land areas, Israel and Palestine. This enmity began after, Adolf Hitler, a German dictator came into power from 1933-1945, brutally exterminated six million Jews during World War II because of his strong implementation of anti-Semitism (Quataert 615). Majority of the Jews that survived did not feel safe, which sparked the western driving force-also known as Zionism- to set up a Jewish state in the land of Palestine, and freely practice their religion (Quataert 615). Tensions arose when Palestinians were unwilling to give up their homeland, especially when the United Nations partitioned Palestine and recognized Israel as a separate state in 1948 (Quataert 616). This turmoil between Israelis and Palestinians has continued on for hundreds of years over religious property crucial land areas. Peace between the Israelis and Palestinians is practically unachievable because both territories have strong religious convictions, and are therefore unwilling to lose and give up the holy lands. The differences found in the religious events of the Hebrew Bible and Koran have made Israelis and Palestinians disinclined to make peace on behalf of their devotion to their faith. Additionally, Arab Palestinians have a commitment to the religious duty called the Jihad by encouraging martyrdom, while Israelis have made numerous war reprisals on Palestine (Document 5) in order to protect their holy lands. And lastly, failed policies established for Israel and Palestine to conform to each other goes to show that peace between the two territories may never be reached because of their strong desires ... ... middle of paper ... ...war reprisals (Document 5). Even though there have been attempts such as the Oslo Accords to reduce these attacks, it has only led to more bloodshed and problems between the Israelis and Palestinians (Document 16). Even though peace does not appear achievable, the two-state solution and rising leadership of countries and organizations such as the United States makes peace somewhat attainable (Document 17). However, the animosity that exists between Israel and Palestine is only going to continue on for generations of unresolved peace, and has the potential to spark a potential World War III involving many other foreign countries. Works Cited Quataert, Donald. “Chapter 28 Section 2: The Arab-Israeli Conflict.” World Cultures: A Global Mosaic. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2004. 586-88, 615-21. Print.

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