Can Normal People be a Brave as Shane in "Shane" by Jack Schaefer?

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The novel Shane written by Jack Schaefer is a story of a mysterious stranger that walked into the Wyoming valley in late 1800’s. He was introduced into the life of Joe Starrett, an honest, hardworking Wyoming farmer. The stranger rarely speaks about himself except that his name is Shane. Even though Joe knows little about Shane, he invites Shane to stay at his place for a while. While Shane is staying with the Starrett family, he discovers Fletcher, a wealthy and greedy man, and understands he is trying to take hold of Joe’s and other homesteader’s land. He decides to stay with Joe and help him and the others. When Fletcher sees that Shane is a strong man, he sends a couple of guys to take down Shane, but Shane and Joe fight them off. Later, Fletcher brings a new guy named Stark Wilson, whose only goal is to remove Shane from the picture. In the climax, they have a final duel in the saloon between Shane, Stark Wilson, and Fletcher. First, Shane shoots and kills Stark Wilson, but Fletcher from behind shoots Shane. The gunshot does not kill Shane, but merely injures him. Shane turns around, shoots and kills Fletcher. Shane makes up his mind and leaves without saying good bye to the Starrett family that he loves because he understands that as long as he is there, somebody will always come looking for him and that will put Joe and his family in jeopardy. Reading the novel Shane, it is self evident that characters possess heroic qualities such as honesty, bravery, integrity as well as villainous qualities like cowardice and greed.

Shane, the protagonist in this adventure is not only a wise and honest mentor, but a man of integrity. For example, Shane realizes that he subtly needs to stop Joe from conforming to the gunman Stark Wi...

... middle of paper ... being; his humanity is replaced by cruelty, brutality, and greed. When Fletcher and Wright are about to leave from Joes house Wright says to Joe, “You do need someone to look after you” (110). Wright is just trying to take out Joe’s rage so Joe possibly will come to the bar without thinking much about the deal so Wright can take out Joe. Wright is so inhumane that he is trying to kill a man for his land and helping Fletcher with his plan.

The qualities of the character in the novel Shane make the characters standout as heroes and villains. It is unfair that Shane had to leave and did not get a chance to say good bye to his loved ones because of Fletchers greediness. Shane bravery will encourage other people around town to stand up to people like Fletcher, and Wilson in the future without anybody’s help. Can people with normal life can be brave as Shane?
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