Can God Love a Good Gay Guy?

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Can God Love a Good Gay Guy?

To begin my project, I’ll give you some of my background, so you can understand why the topic of Christianity and homosexuality is so relevant to me. I have been fortunate to be raised Christian with many family members who are regularly active within the church. We are members of the Fairland Brethren in Christ Church in Cleona. I have always felt very welcomed and loved by that Christian body, even during my younger years when I was dorky and rejected by many of my peers. I found comfort in the fact that God loved me and the congregation offered their care and support. Since then I have also realized that our congregation is one of the more open, outgoing, thoughtful, creative, and helpful in the area.

Because our church is so ambitious and outgoing, I was given many opportunities to aid in events. God has given me great artistic and design talent. I have used this gift for years to give back to the church and across the community, through doing sets for church plays, decorations for banquets, signs for festivals, creating holiday displays, and designing and constructing scenery /decorations for main events, such as Vacation Bible School. I am extremely grateful to have been blessed with this wonderful background in religious beliefs. I will always continue to use them as guidance in my life and towards my path of spiritual growth.

It was in sixth grade, with the onset of puberty and fluctuating hormones that I first realized I was attracted to the same sex, even then, I wasn't aware that it was an option. It simply wasn't discussed, beyond the yearly "it's-wrong/ gays go to Hell" speech given in church. I didn't choose to be gay, as a thief chooses to steal, I simply am gay, and have no ...

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