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The Iraq war from the view of the Iraqis in Turtles Can Fly The movie, Turtles Can Fly, is about the fall of Saddam Hussein and the time going until the second Iraq war is to begin. They follow a group of orphans struggling to survive the war. Waiting for the American soldiers to come and give a better life. Showing what refugees had to go through during those times. The kids making a living by disarming and selling mines to arms dealers nearby. Most movies in today times do not show the point of view of the minority groups. But in Turtles Can Fly they are showing the struggles of one village full of orphans and children, and refugees with few adults but even the adults are struggling to make a living. Some of them requiring the kids to work for satellite to supplement their income. Making the three prominent themes of suffering, salvation, and struggle obvious…show more content…
Everyone was suffering with memories or lack of resources in the village. Agrin struggles with her past of her rape and the memory of her ambush that left her and her brother as orphans. Hengov struggles and sacrifices for his nephew that his sister hates because he is from her rapist. Hengov wants to care for him but cannot do that well of a job since he does not have any arms. Having lost them while disarming a mine. Hengov is willing to risk his life for his family by making a living disarming and selling mines. Like the one that took both of his arms. Since it is hard for kids to make a living any other way. These themes are collinear with what people would experience in a country at war. There would be a constant waiting for a better day and for things to get better. Turtles Can Fly uses three teenagers as the main characters because during war times kids and teenagers that were affected the most during war times. Since they cannot support themselves as well as adults

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