Campaigns and Elections

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Campaigns and Elections

Political campaigns are very significant in American politics and elections. It is the period before the electorate makes political decisions in the form of elections. The attention of the citizens towards politics intensifies as the date of the elections draws near. The salience of voters improves as the election date draws near and could manifest in the form of increased media attention. Political discussions, campaign interest, strength of the intention to vote, and knowledge about the candidates are other manifestations of increased salience of voters. Another indication of improved intensity is the effort put by the candidates and their political parties in the campaigns. Parties increase their efforts in the campaign by increasing the funds disbursed for the campaign such as increasing the amount of TV advertisement (Brady, Johnston, & Sides, 2007). The increase may also be a result of redistribution of the overall campaign amount, which increases the effect of the campaign to the media and some voters.

Effectiveness of political campaigns

Campaigns are a significant part of the democratic process in American politics. Individuals who make decisions individually and interdependently characterize the democratic process. It aids decision making for the citizens and enables them come up with a summary political judgment based on how they view the different candidates. Campaigns are the primary strategy used by candidates and parties to make political communication to the citizens. US political campaigns are informative and provide a chance for candidates to notify their electorate about their ideologies and policies. Through political campaigns, the citizens are able to assess the policies that the...

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