Campaign Finance Reform

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Campaign Finance Reform

The politics is a stage for many different characters of whom each is trying to convince their audience to give them the loudest cheer and the grand applause. Politicians who played the acts will do their best and sometimes will do everything to win the hearts of their audience and that means to win at all cost. Politics involves money for it is the way to make campaign possible that is why there are campaign managers and campaign funds to whoever will run for any office in the government. Every politicians needs money or funds to support his or her candidacy in such a way that it will help them reach their constituents because it also requires money to get to them, to their homes, to their cities and to their assemblies. Campaign funds are good but they are bound with limitations especially when they seem to be oddly represented and can be exploited for purposes such as election fraud.

Campaign finance reform are designed to rule and give limits to the campaign funds to be disburse and used by politicians in the fear that excessive contributions and campaign money support will eventually corrupt officials and will also bear the common notion of giving favors to those with huge campaign contributions. Excessive money involvement is the root of all evil and in politics evil is always present in different forms and they may come in disguise like campaign contributions that would later translate into voting influence among politicians and party association. The fear of the campaign finance reform is that if a small amount of money poured into one’s political career by a third-party contributor and will drive him to favor them later what else can they do with so much contributions. Laws or legislations even...

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...address the holes and ineffectiveness of the current campaign finance law as well as to give space for additional measures that will strengthen the authority and power of the law until greediness finds another way to exploit it and when it happens amendment and reform will always be a necessity.

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