Campaign Finance Reform

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Campaign Finance Reform

Campaign finance issues are complicated in the United States by the fact that the funding sources of the Republican and Democratic parties differ so sharply. As a result, any reforms intended to affect one kind of funding are likely to adversely and disproportionately affect one of the two parties. Furthermore, while most issues on which elected officials decide concern benefits for constituents. Campaign finance reform involves changing an institution that benefits those who make the legislative choices. Today this is an issue of popular debate, which there are many varying proposals and even more varying opinions.

The McCain-Feingold and Shays-Meehan bills are the best known and most visible of campaign reform proposals, attempting to restrict the use of money in politics. They argue that in order to restore public confidence, encourage political competition, and reduce the frenetic money chase, the system must be dramatically changed. The main provisions of the bill are a ban on soft money, closer monitoring of independent expenditures, a prohi...
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