Campaign Finance And Voting Policy

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America claims to be a democratic society, but is this really a true statement? Citizens United, the recent court case involving the power of campaign contributions, has led to the unprecedented role that money has in the political process. Millennials and those who live below the poverty line are often absent from the polling booths, while the silent generation and the upper class tend to have a larger impact on election results. Finally, voter fraud has been an increasing issue that has led to the inability for some citizens to participate in the political process. Campaign finance and voting policy must undergo multiple reforms to make elections more inclusive for the public. Firstly, political campaigns can no longer favor the wealthiest candidates. According to, 95% of candidates that outspend their opponents end up winning their elections. Also, less than 1% of the population of America contribute 68% of the funds used in all campaigns. With small exceptions like David Brat’s victory over Eric Canter and Meg Whitman’s congressional loss, campaigns now favor those who have the largest amount of money to spend. The importance of wealth in elections has caused America to be compared to an Oligarchy instead of a participatory democracy. Because of all these issues, the United States needs to have publicly funded elections. Not only would it remove the problems with person wealth in politics, but it would allow other candidates to run that more accurately represent their constituents. Representatives would no longer have to worry about receiving money from the public and their donners because every candidate would receive the same amount of spending money. Countries like Norway and France have publicly fund... ... middle of paper ... ...undreds of ineligible ballots are uncovered every election which occasionally may determine the winner. Comprehensive security must be put in place, but it cannot stop allowing every single citizen to vote. The best way to do this is to create organizations that work individually with people who do not have the resources to vote while doing thorough background checks. These organizations would encourage the use of Absentee ballots to avoid disorganization on Election Day. Democracy means that everyone has an equal voice in determining the leaders of a country. The Electoral College and gerrymanding have thrown wrenches into how fair the system can be, but that does not mean apathy should be the main reaction from millennials and those who are part of the lower class. It’s possible to make people care about politics, but only with serious reform can this be possible.
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