Camozots: Compare And Contrast

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A Wrinkle in time similarities and differences between them both the book and the movie Well let me start off on the book.The book meg has glasses and braces. Then in the the movie she dose not have any of that.Then Charles Wales in the book is 5 an is not in school.Then in the movie Charles Wales is 6 and is in school and is able to read.then in the book there is no internet computers unlike the movie there is those things.In the book Camozots is pictured colorful and bight.And in the movie Camozots is a very dark place and is not colorful.And at the begging of the book it starts in megs room and it is a dark and stormy night.Then in the movie it starts in megs science class.At the end of the book meg and Charles Wales go straight home,But
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