Cameroon's Conflict And Religious Conflict In Cameroon

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With a country that comprises about 200 ethnic groups with different religious backgrounds makes Cameroon a complex country altogether. The distinctive and unlike groups of many religions comprising of Christianity, Islam, and even Animalism may make outsiders conclude Cameroon to have many conflicts and wars in the country. However, ever since their independence from 1960, it has had no civil war, no religious clashes, no rebellion, and no violence. This case is very interesting because there are no other countries that are like Cameroon in the last few decades that has never had conflicts among others. With this in mind, it is important to analyze and evaluate as to how this country has managed such peace in the past till now. In spite of…show more content…
But understand there will be sacrifices need to be made in order for this to happen. I was able to personally experience this through one of my church missionaries. One of my elders has decided to go to North Korea in order to serve God to tell the good news about Jesus Christ. He knew that he might end up in jail and a possibility of even being prosecuted. However, he made this confounding decision because of love. Because God showed love to him, he decided to show God’s love by going to the most unpredictable and dangerous country on this planet earth. Not to mention, Kenneth Bae, an American Christian missionary, was a great illustration of this case. He went to North Korea to show love, but was detained in North Korea for two years. With this strategy, sacrifices have to be made in order to achieve peace. Another explicit contribution that this film makes towards peace and conflict resolution is having respect towards one another. Specifically, the film gives an example of one family on how the wife and the husband have different religious beliefs and…show more content…
With this in mind, the first amendment of the constitution states that every citizen has the right to freedom of religion in America. However, even though there is the freedom aspect of this country, there are still cases where people have conflicts among others such as in families. One study has found that interfaith marriage is three times more likely to separate. In the US, 45 percent of U.S. marriages in the previous 10 years were between people of different faiths or clashing denominations within the same faith, such as Catholics and Protestants(Vankin, 2016). This happens especially in the United States because marriage pair will most likely not discuss religion with their spouse since political topics are much more popular than religion in the United States. In the readings on U.S. Peace, illustrates this instance ideally. “It is certainly true that the relation between religion and politics in America has been singularly smooth. This is in large part due to the dominant tradition”(Bellah, 13, Civil Religion in America). This reveals that politics and religion play a huge factor in the lives of American

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